My Prayer...


You do what you really want to do in life or you die trying.

Sometimes you want something,

but not enough to pay the price.

What consumes you?


What you really believe is reflected by what you do.

Do you really believe that the Holy presence of God

can move powerfully in your life?

Is the manifest presence of God a reality in your life?

Why not?


Do you really want to know the manifest presence

of God in your life?

Do you want God in your life more than your own life,

your job, your family, anything?

Are you willing to die?


Father, I want You. Only You.

I consider all that I ever was dead.

I will not touch it. It makes me unclean.

You created me.

There is nothing good in me that did not come from you.

I am nothing without You.


I am on the altar Lord. I am a dead man walking.

I choose to die a new death daily.

I need Your Fire Lord.

I want this sacrifice to be an aroma pleasing to You.

Jesus light the Fire! Consume me!


Take me into Your presence Lord.

Let this temple be filled with Your Glory!

Take me to a place where all I know, all I understand is You.

You are the "I AM". I am Yours.


Your Holy Presence sustains me and changes me.

You are making me Holy, and yet You have made me perfect.

Who can understand Your ways?


I draw near to You, and I tremble.

The Fire of Your Presence melts away all my fear.

I will not shrink back as You reveal to me my sinful ways.

Oh Fire of God! Burn up everything unholy in me.


Oh God!

You washed me in the waters of repentance,

and I came to You.

You immersed me in the knowledge of Your Spirit,

and I learned from You.


Deep cries unto Deep!

Immerse me in the Fire of Your Holiness,

and I will know You.

For without holiness, no one can see Your Face.

I cry out! Baptize me with Your Fire!


In the Fire of Your Presence, I see Your Glory.

I gaze upon the beauty of Your Face.


I see the joy

in Your smile as I come to Your outstretched arms.

I see the tears

in Your eyes as You look upon those in captivity.


I have drawn near to You.

Near enough now to hear You whisper

in my ear the passion of Your heart.

In that intimate time... when lovers embrace...

I hear You clearly say

I love them! Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?



Send me!


Ingrid Hansen