Don't Lose Heart! A Journey from Brokenness to Healing.

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We have all felt the deep wounds of betrayal. If we have not, it is most likely that at some point in our lives, we will. In this autobiographical work, author Ingrid Hansen describes betrayal at the hands of those she thought she should have been able to trust the most. Ingrid skillfully draws the reader in with her forth-right style, captivating the reader’s attention to continue on, hoping that justice is found. Ingrid does find justice, and much more! 
This highly organized and well thought out book takes the reader to the depths of utter destruction and despair, turning each seemingly impossible situation into a place where forgiveness, healing and growth can occur. This is a must read that provides valuable, life-changing information for anyone who has had their heart broken! I highly recommend this book!

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Ingrid--WOW! I could not put the book down. I read it all this afternoon. Please read my review on Kudos, Kiddo! I went through it with you, but I didn't know the depth or the scope of what happened with you. Praise God for what He did in your life! You say you are not in ministry? What do you call this????
Many lives will be touched and mended through your obedience to God with this book. WOW!


Ingrid gives us very wise lessons all of us can learn from. We have all had heartache in our lives. We have all been trapped in the bondage of fear, hurt and desperation. We all can share in circumstances she has experienced. They may not be the same circumstances, but they are common to all of us. How she could stand, how she could learn, how she could come away from so much is an inspiration to us all. I could not put this book down. 

Ingrid writes as a survivor who comes out better than how she went in. She writes as a teacher, as an encourager for others going through life's hardships. She becomes transparent with the reader. You come away knowing her and her heart. I highly recommend this book to everyone. To those who have struggled, to those who are still struggling. It is an instruction manual for those who seek healing and wholeness. 

I read this book on my Kindle, but I sure would like to own a hard copy to share with others. 

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  This book is the author's personal journey from tragedy to triumph through Jesus Christ. I bought this book from Ingrid last week at a church conference and would never have been able to guess that she had been through so many trials in her life because she is RADIANT with the love of Jesus. That same radiance shines through in this book. Many personal testimony books I have read before are dry and often self-glorifying, but the excitingly clear message from this book is that we CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us. No matter how difficult the situation or circumstance, the Lord is able to walk you through the time of testing. 

This book is written simply, and in such a way that it feels like you are having an engaging personal discussion with Ingrid herself. I couldn't put the book down! Ingrid's honesty about her trials and her relationship with the Lord gave me such encouragement. I love that she doesn't just tell you that she went through these hardships, but she shows you the Scriptural keys that brought her to a place of freedom and healing. The themes seen in her testimony are universal and can be easily understood by any person who has felt that they are going through a time of testing with the Lord. I was so blessed by reading this book and I know that you will be too! I would recommend it to anyone!